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Serial Summary

The ShroudWorlds (A fantasy quest)

Four people, all searching for the same artifacts. Four people, four goals, four destinies.

Logan de Argon – raised in the Abbey by the Keepers of the Way, breaker of the code of the ancient text, SoulSongs, forced out into the world alone when the Abbey is attacked and destroyed, charged to find the Amulet of Forever which will help bring the Keepers back into power.

Bolye Wyeer – orphaned as a toddler, raised by a Master Thief and ShroudWalker, forced to find the knowledge to use the stone, the Light of Hope, to save the only father he remembers.

Lady Volandra – guided by her dead grandmother, who like her was a ShroudWalker, determined to find the Amulet of Forever and revenge on those who stole it from her family, bound to find all five sacred artifacts.

Lord Axeenon – Warrior Lord and ShroudWalker, conquerer of numerous worlds in the web of ShroudWorlds, holder and keeper of the Amulet of Forever, tasked to travel from world to world connected by the Veil to find the Keeper’s sacred book, The Dark Night of the Soul, and the key to open it.

Four people, four journeys, one story.

Book One: Logan’s Lament

© 2010 by P. June Diehl